Our Rooms

Sunbeams (0 – 24 months)

In the Sunbeams room – we have highly experienced staff (staff ratio 1:3) whose priority is to follow the home routine of each baby as closely as possible. There is a spacious play area with a quiet and secure sleeping area. We provide a variety of stimulating activities in a caring and friendly environment in order to promote your baby’s all round development. All planning will be displayed on the room wall for you to view and see what activities and development your child will be participating in that week.

Parents are required to supply nappies and milk to ensure continuity between home and nursery for all babies. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and will support mothers returning to work and still wishing to breast feed. Our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible.

Here at Cove Bay Kindergarten we encourage that when your baby is around 2 years old and once they have found their feet we would hope to advance them to the Moonbeams Room. This would take place after discussions with yourself.

Each child’s day is recorded for you to take home so you know exactly what your child has been up to.

Moonbeams (2-3 years)

Children in the Moonbeams Room are cared for under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff (Staff Ratio 1:5). A range of quality toys and activities are provided for the continuing development of your child.

In the Moonbeams classroom the children will take part in varied activities including painting, sand and water play, music, physical activity. The Moonbeams children go outside every day in all weathers and really enjoy trips to the library, park and beach to name a few.

Shining Stars (3-5 years)

Cove Bay Kindergarten is recognised as a 3-5s centre by the Education Department. In the Shining Stars Room children will follow the Curriculum for Excellence (Staff Ratio 1:8). Your child will progress to Shining Stars at around 3 years old.

The children in Shining Stars follow the same activities as in the Moonbeams classroom but at a level that is suitable for the age and stage of the child.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements. We would strive for your child to be able to have the following skills when leaving the nursery: recognising and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills, handling good pencil control, showing creative skills and knowledge of numbers.

At the end of each year the children take part in a graduation ceremony where they are presented with their leaving certificates and there is always a special party to mark the end of their time at Cove Bay Kindergarten.